The Life-Changing Freedom Funding Coaching, Mentoring And Partnership Program Is About To Close Its Doors!

“I’ll Personally Help You Build Your Own Multi-Million Dollar “Invisible Bank..."

So You Can Easily Fund ALL Your High-Profit Real Estate Deals… Using OTHER People’s Money!

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This Once-In-A-Lifetime Offer EXPIRES Once The Clock Hits Zero!

-“Better Than Risk Free” Guarantee!
-Easy 3-Pay Plan Below.

Here’s everything you get when you join the Freedom Funding Coaching, Mentoring, And Partnership Program Today:

  • Access To The Freedom Funding CORE Coaching Classes -Where I break down EVERYTHING you need to know… to close deals using PRIVATE, “Invisible Bank” Funding. So you’ll NEVER have to ask for a loan EVER again, because when you apply the secrets and strategies in these coaching classes, you’ll have an army of investors at your beck and call… BEGGING you to use THEIR money… to fund YOUR deals!
  • My 8-Figure “Make It Rain” Private Money Powerpoint Presentation - This is the workhorse of the Freedom Funding system. The EXACT presentation I’ve personally used to raise 10s of millions of dollars in private capital… all scripted out FOR you. So all you gotta do is show this presentation… and rich people will throw millions of dollars at your deals!
  • The Click & Collect Private Money Masterclass - I’ll show you how to find dozens (if not hundreds) of Invisible Bankers… who are ALREADY handing out money in YOUR market right now. Better yet, you’ll find them in under 10 minutes… using nothing more than your laptop or smartphone!
  • FREE Unlimited “Deal Or No Deal” Coaching - My team and I will evaluate all your offers FOR you… so that you ONLY move forward on deals that are sure to stuff FAT profits into your pocket. This allows you to take action with FULL confidence… knowing that you can safely pursue BIG profit flips, without getting caught in any “bad deals.”
  • “Done For You” Invisible Bank Funding - In fact, as long as the numbers check out… we’ll even fund your high-profit deals FOR you… using my PRIVATE line of Invisible Bank funding, called Freeland Lending! That way you can close deals IMMEDIATELY… while you’re building up your own multi-million dollar Invisible Bank!

PLUS…  When You Join Today, You ALSO Get Access To A Full Suite Of Exclusive Action-Taker’s Only Bonuses… That Carry A Real World Value Of Over $100,000.00!

BONUS #1 - Weekly Implementation Calls… For The Entirety Of 2018!  You and I will get together every Monday… for some GUIDED Q&A strategy sessions… where I’ll help you get “unstuck” from whatever stumbling blocks you encounter on your path to acquiring funding and closing BIG profit deals. This way, you’re ALWAYS moving forward… and consistently chipping away at achieving all the financial and time freedom you’ve ever wanted.

BONUS #2- UNLIMITED Email Access To My ENTIRE Team Of Experts- Have a problem that can’t wait until Monday’s call? You don’t have to wait! Because you’re getting unrestricted email access to my ENTIRE team of expert coaches, who are equipped to handle ANY issues that may arise on your path to freedom. Just send us an email, we’ll direct it to the PERFECT… and get you back on track ASAP!

BONUS #3 - How To Set Up A Magnetic Market Domination Funnel… That Gets The BEST, Most Deeply-Discounted Deals Delivered Directly To Your Doorstep! During this masterclass, I’ll show you how to get realtors, bankers, asset managers, and other investors (your so-called competition) to HAPPILY deliver their best deals to YOUR doorstep… and let you keep the lion’s share of the profits. So now… you never to chase after deals or haggle with sellers ever again. Now… you can sit back and let the BEST deals come to you. (That’s one of the perks of having access to cash.)

BONUS #4- The Profit Predictor Plug And Play Worksheet- A scary-accurate worksheet that allows you to estimate EXACTLY how much you’re set to make on a deal… so that you ONLY pursue the deals that deliver the MAXIMUM bang for your buck!

BONUS #5 - My Personal “Invisible Bank Rolodex” - This is own personal “Private Money” Database… filled with over 58 asset-based “Invisible Bank” lenders who are willing to hand you up to $25 million to do deals with! If all else fails, you can turn to these sources to get your high-profit deals funded FAST!

BONUS #6 - The “Stay Out Of Jail” Masterclass- My attorney David Street and I will walk you through the necessary steps to raising massive amounts of Invisible Bank funding… WITHOUT getting into any SEC hot water! Skip these simple steps, and you can end up in JAIL!

BONUS #7 - My Personal Attorney Crafted “Invisible Bank” Paperwork Library- ALL the forms and contracts I use to structure Invisible Bank funding deals. I literally paid over $15,000.00 to build this library… and I’m giving you access to everything!

BONUS #8 - The Ultimate End Game “Go Big Or Go Home” Passive Income Masterclass - During this training, I’ll show you how to retire in EXTREME luxury… by walking you through a recent deal that’s going to make me 1 million dollars of NET profit PER year. The best part? I did this deal using Invisible Bank funding! And I’ll show you EXACTLY how I did it.

Like I said… these bonuses ALONE are worth over $100,000.00…

Yet when you take action today… you get EVERYTHING for a PENNY on the dollar.

Yes… you’re literally paying LESS than 1%.

Because while the regular price of Freedom Funding is $2995 (an absolute STEAL, btw)...

Today, I’m slashing $1000 off the price to celebrate the 10 year anniversary of my company, Strategic Real Estate Coach!

I’m also slashing another $1000 off to celebrate the 5 year anniversary of when I was declared FREE from pancreatic cancer.

Which means when you take action today, you get the entire Freedom Funding Coaching, Mentoring, And Partnership Program… for just a single temporary enrollment fee of $995!

(Or you can use the easy payment plan to break that up into 3 payments of $385!)

And yes… I said temporary.

In reality, Freedom Funding won’t cost you a dime.


Guarantee 1: The LIFETIME “Do A Deal And Get Your Money Back” Guarantee- As soon as you use my strategies and my “Done For You” funding to close your first BIG profit deal, all you gotta do is send me a short video case study of the deal… and I’ll promptly return your entire enrollment fee! (This deal is good for LIFE. So no matter how long it takes, you can get your money back.!)

Guarantee 2: The 30 Day FULL Satisfaction Guarantee - Where you get to try out EVERYTHING inside Freedom Funding…

Go through the Coaching Classes…

Attend my weekly Implementation Calls…

Take advantage of our “Deal Or No Deal” evaluation coaching…

And after 30 days, you must be blown away by the massive value this program has delivered…

You’re either completely sure that investing in Freedom Funding was the greatest decision of your life…

And that you’re FINALLY on the path to all the financial and time freedom you’ve ever wanted…

Because on the 30th day, if you’re ANY less than fully satisfied for any reason at all… simply contact me for a prompt return of your enrollment fee. No questions asked!

So you’re covered on ALL angles here.

The ONLY way you can possibly lose… is if you refuse to take advantage of this better than risk-free offer.

You’re literally ONE click away from unlocking ALL the cash you’ll EVER need to fund all your high-profit real estate deals.

But the clock is ticking.

So fill out the secure order form below… to enroll in the Freedom Funding Coaching, Mentoring, And Partnership Program today.

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You’re protected by our 5-week “FULL CLARITY” 100% money back guarantee. Test Freedom Funding for 5 weeks… attend our coaching classes… and gain FULL clarity over how simple it is to get these BIG profit deals done. You must be completely blown away by the value you receive, or contact me for a full refund.

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